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Music (Inspired by or about Terry/Locke)
"You Were Wrong" by The Sea Captains
They are a New Hampshire based band who are big fans of terry and the character of Locke. The song is available on their new album "Unfathomable".
Get more information and order it here.
"Don't Ever Tell Locke What He Can't Do" by Moneen
They are a Canadian Rock/Alternative band. The song is available on their album "The Red Tree"
More info here.
Listen to the song

Video Interviews, Promos, and Other Videos
666 Park Avenue stars Terry O`Quinn and Rachael Taylor: The Devin and an Angel?

666 Park Avenue Trailer

Cooler Talk Terry O`Quinn

666 Park Avenue Promo

Terry O`Quinn on the Kentucky Derby red carpet

Another red carpet video from Barnstable Brown

Terry on the red carpet at Barnstable Brown

Terry interview from TMZ

Hawaii Five-O season 2 secrets

Terry at the 2009 Emmys

Hawaii Five-O episode 2-11 sneak peek

Special Report: Hawaii Five-0 Hardly Lost

Terry O`Quinn interview-TV.com

Terry narrated Discovery Channel's "Curiosity"

Video of Hawaii Five-O Sunset on The Beach premiere

Hawaii Five-O season 2 spoilers and extended promo

Hawaii Five-O season 2 promo featuring Terry

The Independent Reporter interview with Terry

Terry O`Quinn Starcam interview

LXTV Can't Live Without: Terry O`Quinn

Video clip of Terry at the 2010 Kentucky Derby

Sneak peek of "Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story"

Terry O`Quinn death scenes part 1

Terry O`Quinn speaks about the "Lost" camera crew

Belgian interview with Terry

Opening scene of "The Stepfather"

The Independent Reporter- Terry O`Quinn interview

Video clip of "Winds Of Terror"

Video clip of "Blind Fury"

Terry at the 2010 Emmys video interview

Interview with Terry, Michael Emerson, and Carrie Preston

TV Guide 2010 Emmys interview with Terry, Damon Lindelof, Nestor Carbonell, and Jorge Garcia

Terry O`Quinn at the 2010 Emmys

Video clip from "The Cutting Edge"

2008 interview with Terry

Video clips of "Harsh Realm"

Terry at the 2010 PaleyFest

Sneak preview for "Using"
Phenom Features on Youtube

Terry at the "Using" benefit on July 31st
Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4

WGN interview with Terry

Video clip from the movie "Space Camp"

Video clip from the movie All The Right Moves

Video clip from the movie Tombstone

Video clip from the movie Rated X

Lost cast season 6 "Self Interviews" bonus questions

Terry and Michael Emerson on the Jimmy Kimmel Aloha to Lost special, Part 1
Part 2

Lost cast Q & A from the Aloha to Lost special
Part 2
Part 3

Sky1 interview with Terry

Another video of Terry on the Kentucky Derby red carpet

"New" Lost season six Terry O`Quinn Hawaii Interview

Spinoff Online- The Cast Of Lost Says Farewell

Z on TV: The best of Locke-Let's get 'Lost' in looking back

AOL Outside the Box interview with Terry, Michael Emerson, Emilie de Ravin, and Daniel Dae Kim

PGATour.com interview with Terry at the BMW Pro-Am

Video of Terry playing golf at the BMW open

Terry and Michael Emerson on Entertainment Tonight

Barnstable Brown party 2010 video

Glam TV video about Terry's early career

Terry on the Kentucky Derby red carpet

Photos and videos from the Lost panel at the Paley Center

Lost Vodcast at Paley Center with Terry and Michael Emerson

Watch With Kristin interview with Terry at PaleyFest

Watch With Kristin interview with Terry

Interview with Lost's Damon Lindelof, Terry O`Quinn, and Michael Emerson

Lost-Terry O`Quinn, Lost Premiere Party Red Carpet

Lost, God, and the Black Smoke

AOL TV: Lost Stars Talk About The Mysteries They Want Answered

Lost Vodcast with Terry O`Quinn

Access Hollywood: Terry O`Quinn and Michael Emerson on the final season of Lost

Lost: Terry O`Quinn, Daniel Dae Kim, and Zuleikha Robinson

Terry O`Quinn reveals his favorite Lost scene

Lost Soundbite 6-05: Terry O`Quinn talks about the candidates

Lost: Michael Emerson and Terry O`Quinn discuss Ben, and Locke's demise

EW on Lost with Terry O`Quinn and Michael Emerson

Lost: Terry O`Quinn-Exclusive Interview at Season Six Premiere in Hawaii

EOnline Spoiler Chat: Lost's Terry O`Quinn Tells Us Something He's Not Supposed To

Getting Lost: Who is Richard Alpert (Included interview with Terry and Michael Emerson). Spoiler Alert

Sneak Peeks and Soundbites-Lost 6-04, "The Substitute"

Totally Lost: Discussion of the premiere with Matthew Fox and Terry

ABC Nightline segment about Lost with Terry interview

AOL TV interview with Terry and Michael Emerson

Enews interview with Terry

Terry in Waikiki part 1

Terry in Waikiki part 2

Soundbites: Terry O`Quinn Lost ep. 6.01 LA X

Lost Chess/Cuatro Promo with Terry O`Quinn narration

Countdown to Lost: Terry O`Quinn and Michael Emerson talk about the final season

Getting Lost: Is Un-Locke a Good Guy or a Bad Guy?

New Cuatro's Lost promo

Cuatro's Lost promo 2

Watch With Kristin: Quinn and Emerson

E Online! Interview with Terry and Michael Emerson

Access Hollywood Interview with Terry and Michael Emerson

More videos from the TCA press tour

Lost cast interviews from the TCA press tour

Sky One interview with Terry

Lost Season Six "Chess" Promo with Terry and Matthew Fox Voiceover

2007 interview from the Monte Carlo film festival

2009 Emmys Terry talks Lost season 6

2009 Emmys Terry on the Red Carpet 

Celebuzz interview with Michael Emerson and Terry

2009 Emmys Red Carpet Interview With Terry

 Red Carpet Interview from the 2009 Emmys

Terry arriving at the 2009 Barbstable-Brown Kentucky Derby party

05/02/2009 Interview with Terry and his son Oliver at the Kentucky Derby

sl-Lost interview with Terry (from 2008)

Terry at the American film market

Terry singing on MTV (from 1989)

Lost season 5 episode 3 promo

Sky One Lost Season 5 Promos

E! Online sneak peaks of the Lost season 5 premiere

Promo for "The Forgotten One"

Terry interview on the Deminski and Doyle show

Sky One Lost cast interview

Lost Season four blooper reel

Lost Season 5 promo 1

Two more season 5 promos

Stand Up to Cancer PSA featuring Terry 09/05/2008

Terry O`Quinn sings (from the movie "The last to go")

Japanese interview with Terry 08/07/2008

Swedish interview with Terry 06/09/2008

Interview with Terry 12/05/2007

TV.com interview with Terry (from Oct. 2005)

RTE Entertainment audio interview with Terry 06/24/2008

Saturday night with Miriam interview with Terry 06/21/2008

Brief video of Terry in Belgium 06/18/2008

Part 2, Terry in Cologne

Terry's arrival in Cologne Germany

Norwegian interview with Terry 06/13/2008

TVNORGE interview with Terry 06/12/2008

TV4(Sweden) interview with Terry 06/11/2008

06/08/2008 German interview with Terry

4/22/08 iVillage video interview with Terry

MSN.com UK interview with Terry

AP video interview with Terry 02/22/2008

Terry on the View 02/19/2008

AP Video interview with Terry 02/19/2008

CW 11 morning news interview with Terry 02/19/2008

Access Hollywood season 4 promo with interviews

Season 4 promo Locke music video

2007 Jeep commercial that has Locke in it.

12/27/2007 French interview with Terry (From the Monaco film festival)

2007 E! interview with Kristin

Italian Lost promo that includes Terry

11/12/2007 Monace Revue video and article

Terry's Emmy acceptance speech (September 16, 2007)

Terry on "The View"

Terry interview from the Monte Carlo film fest (Summer 2007)

Lost: Behind the Scenes
Interesting tidbit about the filming of the Lost finale. (And an accident that was just avoided.)

Bonus Lost season 5: Locke's Leg

Lost Season 5 Bloopers

Part 1 Season 5 Deleted Scenes (The Locke scene is towards the end.)

Behind the scenes pics from TV Guide 2/9/2009

Behind the scenes of episode 4x01 "The beginning of the end"

Terry O`Quinn, throwing from the handle (From the season 3 DVDs)

Reviews,Online media, and Text Interviews
TV Guide Comic-Con special lok at 666 Park Avenue
Page 2

Synopsis and information about 666 Park Avenue

John Locke, one of the 13 most unfortunate TV characters

First look: 666 Park Avenue promo pics

In praise of Terry O`Quinn

Teasers for Hawaii Five-0

Terry O`Quinn looks back- from Entertainment Weekly 9/30/11

Terry O`Quinn still wants to work with Michael Emerson- Inside TV, EW.com

Scenes from jam packed Waikiki Beach world premiere of Hawaii Five-O's second season

On the Red Carpet for Hawaii Five-O Season 2 Premiere

Terry O`Quinn and Alex O`Loughlin on the Hawaii Five-O set

More pictures of Terry O`Quinn and Alex O`Loughlin

Hawaii Five-O Season 2- Terry O`Quinn and Daniel Dae Kim reunited

O`Quinn reunites with Kim on "Five-O"

Totally Lost: Catching Up With The Cast, from ew.com

Entertainment Weekly review of "Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story"

Philly.com article about "Taken From Me"

Terry at a Golden Globe event (Kaldi's coffee)

More Golden Globe pics

From chicago.metromix.com, Terry is on the list of 10 favorite bald celebrities

J.J. Abrams talks Alias 2.0 and the Ben and Locke show

New Terry O`Quinn Interview

Exclusive portrait of Terry at the Chicago benefit on July 31st for "Using"

IndieLondon Terry O`Quinn Lost season six interview

Article about the "Using" benefit from cheekychicago.com

Actor un-Lockes secret of Lost character

Lost: A Few Final Questions

Terry O`Quinn's finest movie moment: The Stepfather

Getting 'Lost' in Terry O`Quinn's best moments

Time.com interview with Terry, Evangeline Lilly, and Josh Holloway

Photos of the Lost cast from Paleyfest

USA TODAY article about Terry

Spectator@Iowa interview with Terry

"Lost" is found thanks to Terry O`Quinn- from examiner.com

Terry receives praise on The Fuselage

Baltimore Magazine article about Terry

Golf Digest interview with Terry

Teaser for TVWeek interview with Terry

Teaser for "Golf Digest" interview with Terry

Terry O`Quinn "Still surprised" by Lost

2010 PaleyFest Lost Panel Recap (With Spoilers)

ABC's Lost: Terry O`Quinn refers to "Dark Locke" as "Smokey"

Lost: Terry O`Quinn will take you behind the smoke and UnLocke a few secrets about his character

Exclusive Terry O`Quinn Lost Sunset On The Beach pictures

Lost-"The Substitute" Terry O`Quinn Speculation

Up in Smoke: Lost's Terry O`Quinn teases Locke's new journey

New Terry O`Quinn Interview

Lost's Terry O`Quinn on the secret to playing Smokey-Locke

GCD Exclusive Interview: Lost's Terry O`Quinn

Article about Terry from the Los Angeles Times

Behind the scenes at the Lost season six premiere

Terry O`Quinn interview from Collider.com

2010 TCA press tour report

01/08/2010 EW.com interview with Terry and Michael Emerson

Blog with information about the band Terry was a part of when he was growing up in Michigan

New interview with Terry 5/18/2009 posted on Lost Media by LyLy Ford

Article from the latest TV Guide about the Lost season 5 finale (possible spoilers)

Louisville Courier-Journal article about the Barnstable-Brown party

Teaser for the Lost season 5 finale. Possible spoilers

Hollywood Scoop blog picture of Terry and Oliver at the Derby

Incoherent Ramblings blog post about the Kentucky Derby that mentions Terry

L.A. Times interview with Terry 3/4/2009

Some pictures of Terry in Ireland 6/21/2008

More pictures of Terry in Belgium

A picture of Terry in Belgium 06/18/2008

Some more pictures of Terry in Germany
More here
And here

German interview with Terry 06/18/2008

Even more pictures of Terry in Germany

Chat with Terry 06/13/2008

Pictures of Terry in Norway 06/13/2008

Pictures of Terry in Germany 06/08/2008

Blog post about Terry's visit to Germany

More pictures of Terry in Germany, 06/08/2008

5/10/2008 "The Great Honk" review of "Cabin fever"

Illinois Wesleyan: News article featuring Terry, 03/04/2008

Canadian Press article 02/21/2008

Mini article mentioning Terry from Contactmusic.com 02/02/2008

Telegraph.co.uk interview with Terry 02/01/2008

NewsOK.com article about the new season 1/31/2008

01/29/2008 article from the Cornwall Standard Freeholder

Oct. 2007 Centerstage Alumni news piece about Terry

Audio clips
Terry O`Quinn on 97.9 The Loop

Mix 104.1 audio of Terry and some other Lost cast members

Is Terry O`Quinn truly Lost? Audio clip

WMMR radio interview with Terry

Terry on the Preston and Steve show 5/30/2008

Terry on the Preston and Steve show 5/29/2008

Terry on the Greg and Melissa show, Feb 14, 2008

Terry on the Preston and Steve show, Feb 7, 2007

Print Media
Terry interview from the June/July 2010 Lost magazine
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Terry interview from the SFX Lost special
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Hawaii Magazine interview with Terry

Feb 1 TV Guide article about Terry
Page 2

Feb/Mar 2010 Lost Magazine Interview with Terry
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Interview with Terry and Michael Emerson from the 1/15/2010 issue of Entertainment Weekly
Page 2

April 18, 2008 Entertainment Weekly article about Lost
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6

March/April 08 Lost magazine article about the Lost symphony performance in Hawaii
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Page 6
Page 7
Page 8

SciFiNow Feb 2008 article about Lost
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

SciFiNow Feb 2008 article about Earth 2 (with picture of Terry)
Page 2

Small newspaper article about Terry

Cover and picture from Jan 29-Feb 3 2008 TV Guide
Page 2

Lost video game article from Jan/Feb 2008 Lost magazine
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

Article about Lost symphony event from Jan/Feb 2008 Lost magazine
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

January/February 2008 Lost magazine scans
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

July 24, 2006 In touch feature about stars' pools

November 14, 2005 People feature on Terry

February 2005 SFX interview

January 2000 Starlog interview  page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4

1996 X-Pose interview page 1
Page 2
Page 3

1999 X-Pose interview page 1
Page 2

Articles that mention Terry
11/07/2007 Starpulse.com interview with Michael Emerson

11/11/2007 Variety.com article on the Stepfather remake

Purchase the original here

May 28, 2007 TV Guide picture of Terry

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